An Illustrated Handbook of Chinese Qigong Forms from the Ancient Texts

An Illustrated Handbook of Chinese Qigong Forms from the Ancient Texts

Author: Compiled by Li Jingwei, Zhu Jianping
ISBN: 9781848191976
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 336


Drawing on ancient documents from China and Tibet, archaeological findings and cultural relics, this illustrated handbook presents authentic Qigong forms from the Warring States period right up the late Qing dynasty of the early twentieth century. Twenty-six sets of pictures relating to Qigong, Daoyin, diet and living habits are included, each set introduced with a brief overview of the origin, development, changes and practice modes of each method. Presented in chronological order, each chapter describes the source from which the exercises are derived, and then provides a description of the ancient form, its health and other benefits, uses, and how to do it, together with drawings of the original illustrations where these exist, or line drawings of the movements described where the original text was not illustrated. The forms are easy to learn, and easy to do, providing also a direct link to the authentic ancient forms.

The selection focuses on the forms oriented to achieving resilience and general good health, but also includes many simple ancient Qigong forms for particular health problems, ranging from fatigue, indigestion and headache, to more serious conditions such as rheumatism, and even typhoid and cholera. Qigong forms directed towards the more esoteric outcomes of Qigong practice are also included.

This valuable resource includes over 700 illustrations, and will be a treasure trove for all practitioners and students of Qigong, as well as anyone interested in the history of the Oriental internal arts.


Preface. Preface to the English Edition. 1. Inscription for the Circulation of Qi on a Jade Pendant. 2. Daoyin Exercises. 3. Five Animal Frolics. 4. Six-Character Formula for Treating Diseases in the Internal Organs. 5. Yijinjing. 6. Tianzhu Massage. 7. Laozi Massage. 8. Health Preservation in the Four-Volume Medical Code of Tibetan Medicine. 9. Twenty-Four-Seasonal-Division-Points Seated Exercises for Curing Diseases. 10. Chen Xiyi's Sleeping Exercises. 11. Eight-Section Brocade Standing Exercises. 12. Eight-Section Brocade Seated Exercises. 13. Twelve-Section Brocade Exercises. 14. Xiaoyao Zi Daoyin Method. 15. Various Daoyin Exercises of the Immortals. 16. Daoyin Exercises of Ancient Immortals. 17. Nine-Step Exercise for Prolonging Life. 18. Face Massage Exercise. 19. Internal Exercise. 20. Eight-Section Brocade Exercise for Physique Building. 21. Qi-Regulating Exercise to Foster Exterior Vigor. 22. Breath-Gulping Exercises for Removing Diseases. 23. The 18 Standing Forms in Eight Sections of Baduanjin. 24. The Twelve Supplementary Internal Exercises with Illustrations of Yijinjing. 25. Twelve Massage Methods. 26. Exercises in Sitting Positions for Treating Maladies.

Author information

Li Jingwei graduated from Xi'an Medical University and attended the first traditional Chinese medicine training course aimed at practitioners of Western medicine. Currently, he is a research scholar at the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, a doctoral advisor, and director of the China Medical History and Literature Institute. Li Jingwei has over twenty publications to his name, including Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine and An Outline of the History of Ancient Chinese Medicine, and is a recipient of China's State Council's Outstanding Achievement Prize, for his contributions to the study of the history and the documents of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhu Jianping, a graduate of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is assistant research scholar at the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and deputy director of the China Medical History and Literature Institute. His research primarily focuses on Chinese medical history and traditional Chinese medical literature and he has written extensively in these fields.

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