Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture 2nd Edition Book/DVD Package

Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture 2nd Edition Book/DVD Package

Author: Richard A. Feely
ISBN: 9783131418326
Publication Date: 1st Sept 2010
Publisher: Thieme Publishing
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 168


This user-friendly second edition provides a concise overview of Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamotos principles of scalp acupuncture for the treatment of patients with musculoskeletal and neurological pain. Each chapter covers a different aspect of Dr. Yamamotos theory and techniques, including essential information on Basic points, Ypsilon points, and new points developed by the author. A detailed discussion of indications, contraindications, diagnosis, needling selection, techniques, and possible side effects gives readers everything they need to determine the most effective treatment protocols for each patient.

Features of the second edition:

* A new chapter on energy and healing explains how YNSA works
* Carefully selected clinical cases demonstrate how to integrate YNSA into daily practice
* A color-coded laminated chart displays every YNSA point and serves as a convenient reference in the clinical setting
* 86 illustrations and algorithms supplement descriptions of points and treatments
* An accompanying DVD features narrated, live presentations of palpatory, diagnostic, and therapeutic techniques

The second edition of Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture is an ideal introductory text for newcomers to the field as well as an indispensable resource for acupuncturists and pain specialists seeking to optimize patient care.

System Requirements for the DVD: Language: English; region code: 0; picture format: 4:3 NTSC; duration: 73 minutes (approximately); disk format: DVD-5.
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