A Clinical Materia Medica: 120 Herbs in Western Use

A Clinical Materia Medica: 120 Herbs in Western Use

Author: Jeremy Ross
ISBN: 9783927344921
Publication Date:
Publisher: Eastland Press
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 433


The second book in Jeremy Rossí series on combining Western herbs and Chinese medicine, this is a clinical materia medica with 120 herbs that is designed for quick access to a wealth of clinically important data about Western use, traditional Chinese use (where available), comparison with similar herbs, constituents and pharmacology, dosage and dispensing, and contraindications.

At the heart of each herb chapter is a clear and useful table that brings together Chinese actions, Western actions, Western uses, and examples of herb pairs for specific disorders. Herb pairs are the basic unit of herb combination. About 700 herb pairs are listed in this book with examples of the disorders treated. In the Appendix, there is a list of herb pairs for main Western disorders.

The book is enhanced by 120 drawings that clearly show the plant parts to aid identification and give a clear visualization of the herb. All main Chinese syndromes are given with details of symptoms, pulse and tongue, and lists of suitable herbs. This includes individual Chinese syndromes as well as common Chinese syndrome combinations

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